Hej, Hej!

Shot over a course of just one day, this video sets our reocrd for getting things done quickly. However, I still feel it’s one of the most emotional things I’ve ever shot.

Initially, this video was to be mostly about a woman running through a forest at night after setting her car on fire. The story took a different turn when we were rejected a permission to shoot at a forest because of a high risk of fire. I had to act quickly and decided to spin-off our initial idea. The car is still there, the cast is the same but everything else has changed. Sometimes you have to take what the fate gives you and do your best not to drown trying to make it into something workable.
Watch here:

Sony Music Poland
directed by: Dorota Piskor
cinematography: Tomek Ślesicki
written by: Dorota Piskor
starring: Anna Moskal, Daniel Chryc, Jan Wojciechowski, Zofia Wojciechowska

production manager: Marta Szymanowska
set decorator: Oliwia Waligóra
costumes: Oliwia Waligóra, Kamila Zabłocka
make-up: Monika Gałecka
camera assistant: Piotr Janczar, Piotr Szymański
focus puller: Piotr Szymański
gaffer: Andrzej Bąkowski
lighting technician: Michał Górski
help on set: Maks Amanowicz
edit, FX: Tomek Ślesicki
grading: Hues + Space
behind the scenes photos: Piotr Janczar

thanks to: Little Beast, Piramida Film, Warszawska Szkoła Filmowa, Maciej Ślesicki, Karol Vo, Marek Nogal, Zosia Kochman, Wojtek Kardyś, Jarek Pulkowski, Artur Michrowski