One of the the first things you learn in film school is that working with children and animals tends to be extremely hard. I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t try, though! I made things even more complicated by deciding to shoot most of the video outside, at night.

Right from the very beginning, I felt this story should be told from the dog’s perspective but we won’t be saying more not to spoil the video! And by the way - spending five days in the cold was nowhere near as painful as we thought it will be. The kid we cast, Janek, and two dog stars we used as doubles - Falko and Tekla - were both nothing short of amazing. It seems like sometimes trusting your gut and making brave decisions kind of pays off.
Watch here:

Sony Music Poland
directed by: Dorota Piskor
cinematography: Tomek Ślesicki
written by: Dorota Piskor, Tomek Ślesicki
starring: Falko, Tekla, Jaś Wojciechowski, Lucjan Mleczko, Maks Amanowicz, Karol Vo

production manager: Karol Vo
set decorator, costumes: Oliwia Waligóra
dog trainer: Jagna Nowotarska, Michał Santorski (Controldog)
camera assistant: Katarzyna Średnicka
make-up: Adrianna Orych, Magdalena Michalik
help on set: Lucjan Mleczko, Maks Amanowicz, Marcin Rostkowski
edit: Tomek Ślesicki
grading, FX: Tomek Ślesicki

thanks to: Warszawska Szkoła Filmowa, Maciej Ślesicki, Pies Filip, Bartosz Brzeziński, Buba, Marek Nogal, Little Beast, Rentcam, Hubert Ruszniak, Michał Wojciula, Sebastian Kołakowski - Prezes AUTOMOBILKLUBU ,,Rzemieślnik" - właściciel Giełdy Słomczyn, Osiedle Cicha Dolina, Jakub Pikula, Daria Zawiałow, Patrycja Kaczan